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When I was a kid, my Mom would do anything to get me to eat the "right thing". Vegetables! Salads! Soups! And Vitamins! Turns out, the only thing I really liked to eat was Macaroni and Cheese.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! That was it. Was there anything better? And the less I ate what my Mom wanted me to, the more she came around to the golden delicious mixture of high protein cheese, calcium enriched milk, sweet butter, and carbo-loading macaroni. OK, and a little fat.

Then, later, when I was in college, I discovered my favorite dish was also the only dish I could afford. My old friend Macaroni and Cheese was always there when I had to make important decisions...Food or Beer?

Then one day, when all my friends and I were out in the world trying to earn a living, we got together and talked about our favorite things. There was my old friend, Mac & Cheese. Suddenly, everyone knew about one kind of Macaroni and Cheese that was better than the other. Lobster Mac & Cheese! Barbeque Mac & Cheese! Bacon Wrapped Mac & Cheese! Gourmet Macaroni And Cheese! Who knew?

Wow! What if you have all the gourmet Mac & Cheese you wanted and BEER? The best craft beer anywhere! What could be better? How about wine! Shazam! I had hit the mother load! Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese, great tastings of fantastic wine and smooth craft beer in one sitting. The Macaroni and Cheese Festival was born at that moment.

Now the Macaroni and Cheese Festivals are getting bigger and bigger. Great food, great wine and beer tastings, great music and entertainment, and good friends. Look for the Macaroni and Cheese Festival in your area and join us. It's just delicious!


The Big Cheese